When adding a source we fetch some past posts, but there's no option to create a historical archive

Walls.io's primary use case is to collect, moderate and display fresh social media content as it is published on the social media platforms we support. We do not offer the option to create a historical archive of past posts for various technical reasons.

While we do fetch a handful of past posts when you're adding a new source, the time frame we can look back depends on the particular platform's API & technical limitations. Therefore, we can't give specifics on how many posts we'll import or how far back into the past we'll go when adding a new source.


Keep your social wall from looking static by enabling “post looping”

If your hashtag is experiencing a lull or regular phases of inactivity, try using the post looping feature: this will move old posts to the top based on two settings:

  • Time between loops defines after how long a period of inactivity older posts will be looped to the front as well as the looping frequency.
  • Maximum post age can be adjusted to define the freshness of content that should be looped.

And don't worry: even if post looping kicks in, brand new content will still show up immediately and on top of your Wall as it comes in.

To enable post looping, just go to Settings > Behavior.

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