What is a connection?

Walls.io needs connections to communicate with different social media platforms. To establish a connection, go to your Walls.io account settings and hit the "Connect" button next to the network you need to connect.

Depending on the account you have, you can connect multiple social media profiles for the same social network.

You can also add a new social network connection from Settings > Sources. Just select the social platform and click "Connect".

If I want to show posts from a specific account, do I need to connect with this account?

Generally, you don't need to connect with a certain account, any account will work. We use the access token a connected account gives us, as a way to communicate with the API of different social media platforms. 

There is an exception when it comes to Instagram though. Since this is a rather complicated issue we dedicated a whole article to it- click here to find our more!

I want to connect a certain account but Walls.io suggests the wrong one

If you want to connect to a certain account you need to be logged into that respective account in your browser. So if, for example, you want to connect to another Twitter account, you need to switch accounts in Twitter and then hit the "Connect" button.

What is a source?

With a source, you tell Walls.io what you want to show on your wall. This can be keywords, sources or even a whole profile. 

To add a profile, simply copy and paste the URL into the textbox. Walls.io will automatically pick the right platform for you:

To add hashtags or keywords, choose the right social media platform, Click on "Hashtag" and enter the hashtag (including #) into the textbox:

Keep in mind that it is only possible to fetch publicly visible posts from public accounts.

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