To reduce duplicate content displayed on your Wall, you can activate the option "Avoid duplicates" in Settings > Sources:

With “Avoid duplicates” activated, we check for two things:

  1. On Twitter, we filter out retweets so they don’t get shown multiple times.

  2. We filter out duplicate posts with the same or similar text. This is useful in situations, where posts are published to various social media platforms with the same or similar text. For a post to be considered a duplicate, we do these checks:

  • Check for a high level of similarity in the text

  • Check whether the posts have been published within 24 hours

  • Check if the post was published on a profile source (keyword/hashtag sources are currently not considered for duplicate posts)

For example, a post that has been published on Twitter and Instagram using the same or very similar text will not be displayed twice on your wall. We will show only the post on your wall, which was published first. The second post with identical text will be automatically hidden. This means if a newly coming post is a duplicate of some older one - we hide the newer post, the older one remains visible.

Important: we analyze only text, not images or videos.

In case you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact the support team via chat or!

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