Which plans qualify for discounts?

We only offer discounts for our monthly and yearly subscription plans.  We don't offer any discount for the 72-hours-event passes.

Who gets a discount?

Non-profit or educational organisations

We offer a 25% discount coupon for non-profit or educational organisations if you can provide us links or other references, so we'll get a better idea about your project(s) and decide whether you qualify for applicable discounts.

Please note that an additional VAT might be charged in case your non-profit organisation is not a business, i.e. has no VAT ID.

Buyers of our yearly subscription plans

If you purchase a yearly Pro or Premium account directly on our website, a discount of 20% will be applied automatically.

BarCamps around the world

Since most BarCamps are still organised by volunteers and free to attend, money is often tight and goes towards venues and feeding attendees.

We believe that a social wall can make a BarCamp even more interactive and colourful. So we’re happy to say, that we are giving away a sponsored Walls.io Pro account to all BarCamps for FREE! 

If you're running a BarCamp event, just send us a message with a link to the website. We will be happy to set up a sponsored account for you.

Here's an example of how the Open Transfer BarCamp uses their sponsored social wall every year for their events.

I'm eligible for a discount, how do I get a coupon?

Contact one of our support agents, either through the chat (bottom right corner) or directly through e-mail: support@walls.io. Please provide us with some details about your organisation / project (e.g. a link to your website) so we can decide whether you qualify for applicable discounts.

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