The good news at the beginning: You can add custom fonts to your wall if you are using our Pro or Premium versions!

🔠 What sources of custom fonts can I use?

As long as the font is available as a webfont (e.g. Google Fonts) you're good to go.

This shows an example with the "Roboto" Font from Google Fonts:
After selecting the Font you would like to use on your Wall, choose the @import embed method for the Font (1) and copy the @import line (2).

Afterwards, paste the @import line into the custom CSS settings of your Wall (found on your Design settings page).

You then can specify the font using the font-family specification that Google Fonts provides and enclose it with body { font-family: ... }

A working example should look like this:


In case you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact the support team via the chat or!

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