There’s an easy way to get your website’s / blog’s / podcast’s content onto your Social Wall: if you syndicate it with a standard RSS/ATOM-Feed, you’re good to go.

To add an RSS feed to your social wall, just go to Settings > Sources and choose RSS from the social media sources drop-down, paste your RSS feed URL and add filters if you need to.


Your Blog on

All paid plans offer the ability to include RSS feeds in your channel settings: Just copy/paste the URL to your feed, add it as a Source of type RSS in your Wall’s settings and a minute later current blog posts will appear on your wall.

The limit of “sources per social network” defines how many different feeds you can add to your Wallcheck our feature matrix for details.

Not sure what the URL of your feed is? Normally, it’s the domain of your blog followed by “/feed” (e.g. or “/rss” (e.g. The URL can also look like this one:

When adding RSS sources to your wall, will usually only display posts that aren’t older than 24 hours, but you can use the “Moderate” feature to show older posts as well.

Which content does import from your feed?

In general, a standard feed should always work out fine as we built in a lot of background logic to make sense of the content your RSS feed provides and display it on your wall. This is an example from the blog:

In case things don't work out, make sure the respective content is provided in your feed in the tags mentioned below:

  • The name of the article's author: <author> or <name>

  • The user image for the posts: <image> (on <channel>-level)

  • The post's date: <updated>

  • The post's text: <title> or <summary>

  • The link to the post: <link>

  • The image for the post: <enclosure>


Optimizing your WordPress RSS-Feed for

The popular blogging system WordPress needs a little tweak in order for to be able to display images to your posts:

Since WordPress doesn’t use <enclosure>-Tags in the feeds it generates, we built in the ability to infer images for your articles from their Open Graph tags. Whenever the tag og:image is set for a post, will automatically import and display this image.

You can use the Jetpack plugin to generate Open Graph tags for your articles in WordPress easily.


Using third party services with your RSS-Feed

You can include the feed we generate through our API in third party services like IFTTT or Zapier.

Using those services, you can automate how new content appearing on your Wall is processed in many ways.

Two examples our awesome customers came up with:

  • Having new content of your wall emailed to you

  • Saving all images coming in to your Wall to a cloud storage service like Dropbox

The possibilities are just about endless here.


In case you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact the support team via the chat or!

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