The recommended way to display your social wall on a TV screen or video projector is through a wired display connection:

  • Load up the wall on a reasonably new/fast PC or Mac in a supported browser with all available updates applied to both the browser and the operating system. Check if the Wall's performance matches your expectations.

  • Make sure you are equipped with a reasonably fast and stable internet connection. Keep in mind that the public WiFi at big events can become overcrowded and unstable easily, so having a wired Ethernet connection and/or an LTE-Hotspot as a fallback can come in handy.

  • Hook this computer up to your screen/projector through e.g. an HDMI cable and mirror/extend the screen to display your Wall.

  • Don't forget to enable fullscreen! Load up your wall in a recommended browser, then click on the sandwich menu in the lower right corner and choose the fullscreen button (it's the one on top).

Notice: It is possible to project your wall on multiple devices at once as long as you load your wall in one of the recommended browsers. 

This is our recommended solution! If for some reason a direct, wired display connection is not an option for you at all, there are various wireless display streaming solutions available on the market, some of which we have tested and outlined for you in other articles in this help center section, listing the pros and cons we found with each of those solutions during our testing.

If you don't have a social wall yet, it's time to create one!


In case you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact the support team via the chat or!

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