In you can highlight or "star" individual posts in your settings in order to make them stand out to the visitors of your wall. There are a couple of important details that come into play here, so let me walk you through them – with a bunch of painstakingly taken screenshots, of course.
If you have set your wall up to sort posts by time, starred posts will simply show up where they would otherwise too. The posts you highlight will show a tab with a star on it which will fit the color scheme of your tiles.

So how do you star your posts?

  1. Go to Moderation -> Posts in your settings.

  2. Simply scroll to the post(s) you would like to highlight or use the search bar to look for the post(s). When you have located the post in question, simply click on the little star to highlight it.

But you can also set up in a way that will push starred posts to the top of your wall for a while.

In order to do that, you have to activate “Post Rank” in Settings -> Design. In the very first drop-down called “Sort posts by” choose “Post Rank: most relevant posts, with live sorting”.

Posts you highlight will be sorted to the top of the wall, just like giving an individual post a “boost”. It is, however, not a permanent function, as highlighted posts will gradually slide down on your wall, although a lot slower than normal posts do.

How to remove a post highlight

If you want to remove a highlight you can easily do this by going to the post in your back-end and clicking the little star to deactivate it again.


In case you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact the support team via the chat or!

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