A layout that adapts to the content of each post

Bricks is a social wall layout that looks stunning on all displays. It’s ideal for events, shops, restaurants, offices, or even stadiums. But it also looks great on websites, of course.

Big, high-quality images get more space on the social wall. Lower-res images are shown smaller. Posts with lots of text have a big font, which makes them easier to read, even from further away.


Enable Bricks for your social wall

To enable the Bricks layout, go to Settings > Design and select Bricks from the design panel. You can choose from three different layouts, depending on the content.

The first layout shows only a few posts at a time and lets big, high-quality images shine. It’s perfect for visual arts or photography.

The second layout
is a great option for beautiful images but also accommodates text that is easy to read.

The third layout
is ideal for low-res images. It displays more posts at the same time but in a smaller size. This way, low-quality images still look good on the social wall.

Hit the space bar to display the next set of tiles.

Use the right arrow key to bring up more content on each post more quickly, for example to switch between text and image.


Changing gradient backgrounds

 If you don’t set a specific background, your wall will use a gradient colour background based on the colours in the images on your wall. As posts cycle through, the colours of the gradient will keep changing with them.


Disable the text overlay transition using CSS

You can deactivate the automatic toggling of the text overlay in image posts with custom CSS. To try it, simply add this to the custom CSS block of a wall:

.socialwall_container {
  --is-image-toogle-enabled: false;

This deactivates the image/text toggling completely on that wall. Instead, it simply goes to the next slide after a few seconds.


A layout for modern browsers

Please note that Bricks was built with modern browsers in mind. This is why it won't work in older browsers like Internet Explorer 11, old Smart TV browsers, or any browsers on old versions of Android and iOS.


In case you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact the support team via the chat or support@walls.io!

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