When adding a new source to your social wall, you can set up filters that help you control the content we collect for you. We introduced exact match filters to help you filter incoming social media content even more precisely.

Here's a quick example of how exact match filters can help you curate a source

Let's say that you create a new Twitter source using the hashtag #pets , but you're only interested in cats and dogs, so you add two filters: cat  and dog . That way only posts that have the hashtag #pets  as well as either cat  or dog  will appear on the wall.

But what if someone is writing about their pet raccoon which is constantly causing catastrophes in their flat. You now have a wall full of raccoon-related pictures, which makes you sad, all because the word catastrophe  includes the characters cat .

This is where exact matching comes in. Now on you can simply use double quotes in your filters, thereby marking them as full words. Our filtering logic will only consider them matching if that exact word is matched. So in the example above, if you replace cat with "cat" you will not get any post about catastrophes or catching anymore, but only posts where the exact word cat  can be found in the post text.

Modifications to the filters only apply to future posts
coming in. You can hide unwanted posts that are already present on your wall in the Moderation section.


In case you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact the support team via the chat or support@walls.io!

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