Filtering posts by visibility

Depending on your settings, you will have posts with different visibility on your wall. If you would like to filter posts by visibility go to the Visibility drop-down under Moderation > Posts.

Use the filter to choose between:

  • Only visible posts

  • Only invisible posts

  • Only pinned posts

Of course, you can also choose to see a combination of those!

Filtering posts by the social network

If you would like to filter posts by the network, go to the Networks drop-down under Moderation > Posts. You will see the list of networks you are currently using as sources on your wall. You may combine feeds by making multiple selections, as we have done here with the Facebook and Twitter selections on the Craft Beer social wall. 

Filtering posts by post types

If you want to look only at a certain type of posts, go to the Post Types drop-down under Moderation > Posts. You can choose between:

  • Text posts

  • Image posts

  • Video posts

  • Posts with location

Combine filters with search terms

You can easily find content by combining various filters with search terms. In the example below I found all the visible Twitter image posts for pale ale .

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In case you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact the support team via the chat or!

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