So you got a Sponsored Wall for your BarCamp or Non-Profit organisation? Welcome on board! (And if not - here's how to apply). In this article, we want to give you some pointers on how to make the most out of your event with!

But first, help us spread the word about

We're proudly supporting BarCamps all around the world since 2014. If you have a Sponsored Wall or if you want to get one, please help us spread the word about

  • Add our logo to your website's partners/sponsors section. Download our logo at Please make sure to link back to our website 🔔 To get your sponsored wall, you will need to link to us first. If for any reason you cannot add a link or you don't have a website set up for the event, just let us know.

  • Share the link to your Wall on social media. It would be extra-nice, if you could @-mention (Twitter, Instagram, etc.) or tag (Facebook, etc.) us, so we can say thanks! 

  • Leave us a review on Facebook.

  • Send us photos of your event with in use! We always are glad to see our product being used at events all around the world! Email us at

Thanks a lot, your help is very much appreciated! ❤️

Choose a great Hashtag

Picking an easily distinguishable, unique hashtag is the first major step to making your event successful on social media. For BarCamp-type events and conferences, it's quite common to use abbreviations and add the last two digits of the current year, f.e. "#mcvie16" for "Mediacamp Vienna 16". This makes for some unique and easy to remember hashtags. For more tips, check out this extensive guide on how to find the perfect hashtag for your marketing efforts.

Setup your Social Wall 

Once you've settled on your hashtag, it's time to setup your wall. Add the hashtag as "Source" for as many platforms as you like and also make sure to add your event's own social media accounts. If you have created an event on Facebook – you can add that too! :) For more info read our how-to on adding sources to your Wall.

Embed the Widget

Most BarCamps use on projector or LCD Displays at the event, but we'd also recommend to embed our widget on your event's website before the big day. This way your audience will get familiar with the hashtag an is encouraged to spread the word themselves! Luckily, embedding our widget is pretty easy!

Share your Wall online

This is perhaps the most crucial part for running a successful social wall: In the weeks before the event, keep sharing the link to your Wall on social media regularly. If you @-mention (Twitter, Instagram, etc.) or tag (Facebook, etc.), we're always in for a RT or share! :)

That's it for now! :) Have fun at your BarCamp, and let us know how it went at!


In case you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact the support team via the chat or!

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