BigCommerce is a market leader in E-Commerce solutions. can be easily embedded on any page of your BigCommerce store using the " for BigCommerce" app. This step-by-step guide explains how you can achieve this!

1. Sign-up at & set up your social wall

To get started, sign-up for a free account. Setting up your social wall is fairly easy - connect your social media accounts and start adding sources – f.e. hashtags around your brand and products, or your owned social media accounts. For further information, check out our tutorial or watch the video below!

Once your wall is set up, copy the wall URL for the next step (f.e.!

2. Install the for BigCommerce app

You can browse the BigCommerce App Marketplace from your store settings, or go straight to to install for BigCommerce:

Click "Install" and "Confirm" access to your store.

3. Add the widget to your store

In the BigCommerce administration dashboard, go to "My Apps" and pick "":

Click "Add Widget" – copy/paste the URL of your wall (f.e., and choose the page template and the region you want to embed the widget in:

4. Done!

After saving, visit your storefront - you'll find the widget embedded in the selected region!

In case you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact the support team via the chat or!

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