Sklera is platform-independent digital signage solution that works on many players/screens. Our ongoing partnership with Sklera ensures the best compatibility of our products.

To get you started, here's a quick overview…

1. Login at

You’ll see your media library with all available default screens:

2. Add a new screen to your library:

Use the menu on the top right to add "More" > “ (Social Wall)”:

Enter the URL of your social wall (.f.e. and click "Save". If you don’t have a account yet, go to to register your free account and create your social wall.

3. Create a "Playlist" and add as a “Spot”:

4. Add your screen:

In your Sklera account, go to "Screen". to manage all available screens in "Screen Groups". Each screen group can be assigned one or more playlists - make sure that the playlist containing your wall is assigned by clicking "Change":

Finally, on your player device or TV screen, navigate to to get your pairing code:

In your Sklera account, go to "Screens", click "Add Screen".

Enter the pairing code! Voila, the screen will start playing the assigned playlist!

For detailed instructions on how to set-up Sklera, please refer to the Sklera documentation and help center.

In case you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact the support team via the chat or!

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