OnSign TV is a professional CMS platform packed with cool features, such as remote view, user management, custom font upload – to name a few. This platform also supports all types of signage screens. Reliable and extremely easy, OnSign TV is used to power large and small networks in more than 100 countries.

Our ongoing partnership with OnSign TV ensures the best compatibility and integration of our products. To get you started, here’s a quick overview…

1. Log in to your OnSign TV account here.

2. Use the menu on the left sidebar to access the “Content” section:

3. Click on “New” in the upper-left part of the screen, and then click on “App”:

4. Scroll down in the pop-up window and click on “Walls.io”:

5. Fill out the “App name” and enter the URL of your Walls.io social wall. Make sure to check out the other cool features, too – select a theme/layout, enable scroll or video autoplay!

6. Click the “Preview” button in the lower-right corner to check out the look of your social wall. Happy with the result? All you have to do is click “Save”.

7. Click on the three dots in the bottom-right corner of your newly set-up Walls.io social wall, and then click on “New campaign”:

8. Fill out a name for your campaign and the click “Create Campaign”:

9. Edit the features according to your preferences and then click “Save and Publish”:

10. Click on “Players” on the left sidebar of your OnSign TV profile, then click on “Setup Player” in the upper-right corner:

11. On your player device or TV screen, go to onsign.tv/downloads and install the suitable OnSign TV app. Launch the app and you’ll see a pairing code – this is what you need to add your Walls.io social wall. Type in the pairing code (“Player code”) and click on “Setup Player”:

12. You are now almost ready – just type in a “Player name” and hit the “Add Player” button:

13. Tick the box corresponding to your newly set-up social wall and then click “Publish to Player”:

14. Click on “Select Playlists or Campaigns”:

15. Tick the box(es) corresponding to the campaign(s) you want to publish and then click “Confirm”:

16. Edit the rest of the features according to your preferences, then click the “Publish” button in the lower-right corner:

Voilà! Your Walls.io social wall will start playing on the assigned players! Well done :)

For detailed instructions on how to set up OnSign TV, please refer to their Tutorials Section.

In case you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact the
support team via the chat or support@walls.io!

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