ScreenCloud is a digital signage software that lets you create and manage your content on one or multiple screens, from anywhere. By integrating your account to ScreenCloud, you will be able to display your social wall on a TV screen or player device.

To get you started, here’s a quick overview.

1.Log in here.

2. Use the left-hand menu to access the Apps section:

3. Click on

4. Go to New Instance, which you can find in the upper-right corner:

5. Enter the URL of your social wall (e.g. and click Save. If you don’t have a account yet, go to to register your free account and create your social wall.

6. Extras: Go to Instance Name to rename your Instance, choose a Layout from the drop-down menu, and use the toggle on/off switches to Show Header or activate the Auto Scroll option:

7. Click the Preview button in the upper-right corner to check out the look of your social wall. Happy with the result? Then all you have to do is click Save:

8. Click on Playlists on the left sidebar of your ScreenCloud profile, then click on Create New Playlist:

9. Rename your playlist and add your social wall by dragging the app from the right sidebar.

10. On your player device or TV screen, go to to download and install the suitable ScreenCloud app. Launch the app, and you’ll see a pairing code, which you will need to display your social media feed on the screen.

11. Click on Screens on the left sidebar of your ScreenCloud profile, then click on New Screen in the upper-right corner:

12. Enter the 6-character pairing code displayed on your player device or TV screen, then click Continue:

13. Use the drop-down list under NOW PLAYING to access the Browse more section:

14. Click Playlists on the left sidebar, choose your newly created playlist and click Confirm. Voilà – your social wall will start playing on the assigned players!

For detailed instructions on how to set up ScreenCloud, please refer to the ScreenCloud documentation and help center.

In case you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact the

support team via the chat or!

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