What are Reactions?

This feature allows your community to react to posts by liking them directly on your social wall. You can use Reactions to keep your audience engaged, measure the popularity of posts, or even for photo competitions! The opportunities to make use of this feature are endless.

Who can use the Reactions feature?

The Reactions feature is available in the Walls.io 30-day trial and all the paid plans we currently offer.

How does the Reactions feature work?

1. Enable Reactions

To get started, go to "Content" - "Reactions" and select "Enable Reactions":

2. Try it out!

When opening your wall (https://my.walls.io/...), you'll now see the Reactions-button for "Like" enabled on all posts:

Click the ♡-button to try it out!

Do users need to be logged-in for Reactions?

No! Reactions are available to all visitors of your wall. Please note that users might react to a post repeatedly on different devices or browsers.

Are Reactions available on all layouts?

Reactions are currently only available on the Fluid layout!

Are Reactions published to Twitter, Instagram etc.?

No! Reactions are exclusive to your social wall and separate from the likes or other reactions that a post may have on its original social network.

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact the support team via chat or support@walls.io!

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