With Walls.io, you can automatically import data from HubSpot onto your Wall. It's easy to achieve this with our Zapier integration. This step-by-step guide explains how it's done.

🚨 Important: This requires access to the Walls.io API, which is only included in our Premium subscription & Large event pass.

1. Sign in to your HubSpot account and create a new contact

To get started, sign in to your HubSpot account if you haven't already and create a new contact (for testing the Zapier connection).

2. Enable API access for your Wall

Log in to your Walls.io account and go to Settings > API and activate the access token: 👇

3. Sign in to Zapier and Connect HubSpot

In Zapier, start to create your "Zap" by clicking "Make a Zap" (a Zap is kind of a "recipe" that will connect two apps, in our case HubSpot and Walls.io). Enter a name for your Zap, i.e. "HubSpot to Walls.io". Choose HubSpot for the trigger app and "New Contact" as the trigger event:👇

Then, sign in to your HubSpot account and click "Continue".

Next, you can select anny additional properties, which you want to show on your wall – for this example, we pick "Likelihood to close": 👇

Afterwards, click "Test trigger" and "Continnue".

4. Choose "Walls.io" for the Action

Next, we're going to set up the Zapier action. Choose Walls.io for the app event and "Create Post" as the Action event:👇

5. Sign in to Walls.io

Afterwards, connect your Walls.io account this way: 👇
Click "Choose an account" and then, click "Connect a new account"

You'll see a new window where you can insert the API access token of your social Wall. Copy the API access token of your Wall from step 2 and paste it into the Access Token field:

6. Set up the Action

Next, set up the Zapier action by selecting Email and additional properties that you chose in step 3 (in our case, it's Contact information: Likelihood to close) for the "Text" field. Make sure to fill out the "User Name" field with First and Last Name as it's shown on the screenshot below:👇

Select "True" for "Moderation Status" if you want to set your wall to Automatic Moderation. If you prefer to have Manual Moderation (=approve each post manually before it gets displayed on your social Wall), select "False".

10. Test your Zap and turn it on!

Finally, test your Zap and turn it on:👇

11. Try out other triggers!

In this example, we've used the trigger "New contacts" to display all new contacts on your wall. The HubSpot app on Zapier offers many different triggers, like "New Company", "New Engagement", "Updated Deal Stage" and more. You can find a full list here!

In case you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact the support team via chat or support@walls.io!

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