How you can add sources depends on each channel. But, generally speaking, you can add content by hashtag, by keyword, or by adding a profile as a source.

To add a new source:

1. head to the Settings tab

2. select Sources

3. click Add Source

4. Select a network from the drop-down. 

If you haven’t yet connected your accounts, you’ll be asked to do this here (but only once for every channel).

Once you’ve authorized the connection, you can start adding your sources.

5. Customize advanced Filters for each source

You can filter and sub-filter to your heart’s content. This lets you narrow down the search if you use a hashtag that’s commonly used and gives you more control over the content that shows up on your wall. You have a few tips right inside the app. 😊 supports 16 social media platforms

Each platform comes with a variety of different profile types and content sources. Here's a comprehensive list of the social platforms we support and the content we can fetch from each platform.

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