Automatic social wall moderation

To choose the automatic moderation option in, go to the Moderation > Settings and select "Automatic". Selecting this option means that all posts from the sources you specified are immediately published to your wall. 

Use the blacklist feature

The blacklist the most extensive moderation tool at your disposal, because it lets you really tweak your wall until it’s just right. With the blacklist you can filter out the noise that doesn’t fit with your event or hashtag campaign. So you can easily put your social wall on “automatic” and not worry about posts that don’t belong there sneaking in. 

If you need something to start with, try our default blacklist containing the most common spam words.

You can add any words or phrases you wish to the blacklist, even specific usernames to prevent posts from specific users showing up on your wall.

You can always go through posts later

We recommend choosing “Automatic” moderation for your wall because the core idea of a social hub is that it is supposed to auto-update and let people take part in something as it happens. You can always go through the posts later and hide those that you really don’t want there.

Enable the strict spam filter
If you decide to have your wall running using automatic moderation, we recommend that you also enable the strict spam filter. You will find the "Spam filter" settings under Moderation > Spam filter. Make sure that the filter is set to "STRICT".

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