You went through the whole process of creating an account, connecting your social media accounts, adding sources to your wall, and your wall is still completely empty or you are missing some posts. 😧

Here are the top reasons for missing posts on your wall:

  • we can fetch only public posts - posts from private profiles are not available for privacy reasons;

  • when adding a new hashtag source, Instagram allows us to import only public "Most recent" posts from the last 24 hours and "Top posts";

  • the same applies to Twitter, but the limit is 7 days;

  • to get complete results, it’s important to have admin privileges for the Facebook page, you are adding as a source;

  • to get public posts where your Facebook page is mentioned, please, make sure:
    - your Facebook page is explicitly tagged in the initial post’s description;
    - you clicked on an option in your Facebook source (in the settings of your Wall) “only posts where your Facebook page is mentioned”;

Additionally, if you are using the Map design layout, please, be aware that it is only possible to fetch:

  • Twitter posts that contain a location in a tweet. If no location is added to a tweet, then the location of a user’s profile will be taken;

  • All other platforms, incl. Instagram, unfortunately, don't provide a location.

  • Native posts with locations;

If you don't have a social wall yet, it's time to create one!

In case you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact the support team via the chat or!

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