Walls.io supports a great number of different social media platforms, each of which comes with a variety of different profile types and content sources. As API support for these different types of profiles and sources differs from platform to platform, so does the capability of Walls.io to fetch and display content from them.

Number of Sources

The number of sources for each platform is depending on the your Walls.io plan. While "Free" Walls support 1 source per platform, "Pro" Walls come with 5 and "Premium" Walls with 10 sources per platform. Each hashtag, keyword or profile counts as a source. 

Example 1: A "Free" Wall can contain 1x Hashtag on Twitter, 1x Hashtag on Instagram and 1x Facebook Page, etc.

Example 2: A "Pro" Wall can contain a maximum of 5 Hashtags on Twitter, up to 5 Hashtags on Instagram and up to 5 Facebook Pages, etc. 

Example 3: A "Premium" Wall can contain a maximum of 10 Hashtags on Twitter, up to 10 Hashtags on Instagram and and up to 10 Facebook Pages, etc. 

Types of Sources

Here's a current overview on which types of profiles and content Walls.io supports for each social media platform:


Unfortunately, the Public Search API, which was used to find posts from Facebook by hashtag has been discontinued by Facebook on April 30th 2015. This means that searching for public posts from user profiles containing your keywords/hashtags is not possible anymore! However, Walls.io supports:

  • Posts to Pages / Page mentions*
  • Page Albums

*When adding multiple Pages please make sure that the Facebook Account you connected to Walls.io has administrative privileges for each of the connected Pages to make sure that all your posts will be imported correctly.

*It is possible to fetch posts your page was tagged/mentioned in. Please be aware that if those posts originate from user profiles (instead of other pages) we can not display the image and name of the person posting it.

Facebook Messenger

  • Posting through our Chatbot "Walter" (introduced in this blogpost)


  • Keywords


  • Checkins to your Venues


  • Hashtags
  • Profiles


  • Hashtags
  • Profiles

Attention! Adding Instagram sources is a rather complicated process. Please refer to this article for further information and a detailed how-to. 


  • Your Connection account's own Profile (only the most recent text post from your own profile can be imported, importing media is not supported)
  • Company Pages (your Connection account needs to have admin privileges)
  • University/School Pages (your Connection account needs to have admin privileges)


  • Boards


  • Keywords
  • Subreddits


  • Feeds


  • Checkins to your Venues


  • Blogs
  • Keyword


  • Hashtags
  • Lists
  • Profiles
  • Collections


  • Keywords


  • Communities
  • Hashtags
  • Profiles


  • Keywords
  • Profiles
  • Playlists
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