We get it – most user-generated content nowadays is published on social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, etc. (we're calling it "social" walls for a reason 😅). But there are situations when your community/audience might not want or be able to publish their thoughts, experiences, photos, videos on their public social media profiles:

  • Internal company events that must remain confidential to the outside world

  • Guests/visitors who want to keep their social media accounts private or separated from their business life

  • Guests/visitors who have no active social media account available or are not conveniently logged in on their devices

For those use-cases, we've launched an exciting new Beta-feature: Direct Posts!

What are Direct Posts?

"Direct Posts" allow visitors of your social wall to post content directly to the wall, WITHOUT using their social media profiles!

How does it work?

Using "Direct Posts" adds a visually prominent & customizable "+" button to your wall. This button lets all visitors post images and text to the wall, without the need of using Twitter, Instagram, etc.:

Clicking the button opens a simple form. It just takes users a minute to publish content, no registration is required:

"Direct Posts" will be mixed and meshed on your wall with all other social media content, creating an engaging and authentic feed of user-generated content:

Why should I use Direct Posts?

The reasons we've given above aside (confidentiality of the event, privacy of users, convenience), there's one big argument to add "Direct Posts" to your event our campaign: A massive increase in engagement and volume of content!

Here's a chart showing the engagement of an actual event a Walls.io customer recently used Direct Posts with. As you can see, approx. 50% of all content was generated using Direct Posts! Your community will love the convenience, and you'll love the resulting content!

Are Direct Posts beneficial to events only?

While virtual and in presence events can profit tremendously from offering a quick, privacy-aware channel to publish user-generated content, we have seen customers successfully using Direct Posts for other use-cases: UGC campaigns, employee engagement, Ecommerce – Direct Posts will increase the volume of user-generated content everywhere.

Can Direct Posts be moderated?

Yes, all our moderation tools, including manual moderation, guarantee brand safety the same way for Direct Posts as for social media content.

Do Direct Posts work with the map theme?

Glad you are asking! Yes, users may optionally (!) enter their location in the submit their location (usually city/town), and we'll display their Direct Post on our map:

How can I direct my in-person audience to Direct Posts?

For in-person events where the social wall is displayed on digital screens, we offer a QR code that allows visitors to scan the code with their mobile phones right from the screen. The QR code takes them to the Direct Post form immediately!

How can I get started with Direct Posts?

Since Direct Posts is a Beta feature, our customer support & sales teams will be happy to enable it for your wall on request! Please get in touch here, or click the button below:

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