AIScreen is a digital signage software that helps you easily and intuitively: set up screen networks, create, edit or connect important information.

To get you started, here’s a quick overview.

1. Sign up at & set up your social wall

To get started, sign up for a free account. Setting up your social wall is fairly easy - connect your social media accounts and start adding sources – i.e. hashtags around your brand and products, or your owned social media accounts. For further information, check out our tutorial or watch the video below!

2. Copy the link to your wall

In your account, click View wall and copy the link to your wall (f.e.

We recommend enabling automatic scrolling for your wall if you go with a Fluid or Grid layout.

3. Add to your AIScreen account

Log in to your AIScreen account here. Use the left-hand menu to access the Apps section, add it to your apps and click it:

4. Add "New instance"

Afterwards, click on "New instance":

5. Paste the link to your wall

Name your wall, paste the link to your wall from step 2 (i.e. and save it:

6. Create a playlist

Click on Playlists on the left sidebar of your AIScreen profile, then click on Create playlist:

Name it and click on "Apps & Links" on the right sidebar and choose your social wall. Then click "Create and publish":

7. Download the AIScreen app on your device

On your player device or TV screen, download and install the suitable AIScreen app. Launch the app, and you’ll see a pairing code, which you will need to display your social media feed on the screen:

8. Add screens

Click on Screens on the left sidebar of your AIScreen profile, then click on Add Screen in the upper-right corner:

Enter the 4-character pairing code that is on your television screen while viewing the AIScreen app:

Afterwards, enter the screen name and select orientation:

9. Display your wall on the screen

Finally, go to Playlists on the left sidebar of your AIScreen profile, click on the 3 dots near the playlist you want to display on your wall, and choose "Set to screen":

For more detailed instructions on how to get started with using AIScreen, please refer to this article:

More tips & tricks:

  • The widget is fully responsive – which means it will automatically adapt to the size of the section you are embedding it to.

  • Try out our different layouts! offers a variety of diverse layouts to display your wall. Continue to read here for more details!

In case you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact the support team via chat or!

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