To make the on-boarding process smoother, I'm going to walk you through the basics of setting up your new social hub with your free trial account.

Here's how to create your first social wall in 7 super-easy steps:

1.Login to and create a new wall.

2. Set-up a share image, title and description.

3. Define social content sources and add personalised posts to the social wall.

4. Choose between automatic and manual moderation.

5. Choose the theme you like best, customize the colours of your wall, and add your company’s logo.

6. Embed your social wall on your website using JavaScript or <iFrame>. It’s super easy and you don’t need any coding skills! If you have a WordPress website, you can install our plugin and embed your wall with only one click.

7. Display your social wall on a big screen. Here are our recommended display solutions.

I hope this guide will help you get started with your social media hub. If you have any questions that I have not touched upon here, please let us know in the comments or by contacting our support team.

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