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With, you can collect, curate and showcase content using multiple platforms. Each of these platforms comes with a variety of content sources. As API support for these different types of sources differs from platform to platform, so does the capability of to fetch and display content from them.

Check the individual guide for each platform to learn how to add sources to your social wall:

  🔢 Number of Sources

The number of sources for each platform depends on your plan. While "Free" walls support 1 source per platform, "Pro" Walls come with 5 and "Premium" Walls with 10 sources per platform. Each hashtag, keyword or profile counts as a source. 

Example 1: A "Free" wall can contain 1x Hashtag on Twitter, 1x Hashtag on Instagram and 1x Facebook Page, etc.

Example 2: A "Pro" wall can contain a maximum of 5 Hashtags on Twitter, up to 5 Hashtags on Instagram and up to 5 Facebook Pages, etc. 

Example 3: A "Premium" wall can contain a maximum of 10 Hashtags on Twitter, up to 10 Hashtags on Instagram and up to 10 Facebook Pages, etc. 

💡 Adding content sources to your social wall is super easy

In case you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact the support team via the chat or!

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